Career Training


In the last few years, food stamps recipients in New York have been taking advantage of online degree programs. Today, accredited online schools are offering all kinds of degree programs to match any ambitious person’s skills or interests. Online classes provide the perfect amount of flexibility for students who work or have other important responsibilities. Financial aid opportunities and job placement services make earning an online degree an affordable and effective way to start the career of your dreams.

Types of Online Degree Programs

Online classes provide you with the skills, knowledge and certification needed to work or advance in the field of your choice. Online degree seekers have so many choices when it comes to career paths. Some decide to earn a degree that will help them to advance in their current job. For instance, obtaining a business degree can take you to the next level if you work as a salesperson, while getting a nursing degree is a great way to move up if you work in healthcare. Other students looking for a change may be interested in starting a completely new career.

However, you do not have to be currently employed to benefit from an online degree program. Many students start careers just by enrolling in a program that interests them or that promises a financially rewarding future. Examples of online degree programs include interior design, law, pharmacy, forensic science and finance, but there are many more programs from which to choose.

Financial Aid

Some potential online degree seekers may assume that they cannot afford to pay tuition costs. However, most students can qualify for financial aid in the form of government loans, grants and scholarships. Because of their income level, New York food stamps beneficiaries may qualify for Federal Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants. These grants give students thousands of dollars to help cover the costs of education. The best part is that students do not need to pay back any of the grant money.