Direct Deposit


By enrolling in direct deposit today, you can get your monthly New York SNAP benefits much sooner. With direct deposit, your food stamps will be automatically disbursed into your account. You can then purchase food from any SNAP retailer using your Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which works just like a credit or debit card. Opening a direct deposit account is cost-free and takes very little time, but it will save you big in the long run.

Food Stamps and Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows you to skip the usual wait associated with getting your food stamps via mail. Choosing direct deposit is also the safest way to get your SNAP benefits, as they cannot become lost or stolen on their way to your home. Direct deposit also saves you the hassle of ever having to pick up your SNAP benefits in person. Those who elect to get their food stamps through direct deposit typically receive their benefits several days earlier than those who use another method. Quick and convenient access to your SNAP benefits ensures that you will not be out of food money at the end of a benefits cycle.

Additional Benefits of Direct Deposit

Using direct deposit will help you with more than just your food stamps. You can receive any form of payment sooner, including paychecks, tax refunds and benefits like unemployment compensation or Supplemental Security Income. Getting your payments immediately helps you to avoid overdraft fees and eliminates inconvenient trips to the bank.