SNAP Benefits in New York


There are numerous SNAP food benefits in New York for applicants who are accepted into the program. SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but it is sometimes informally referred to by the old program name, food stamps. The program underwent a name change when more of an emphasis was placed on providing healthy food, which is now the primary goal of the program. The New York benefits for food stamps allow the participants to purchase certain food items using their EBT cards, which are provided upon acceptance into the program. More information about how food stamps benefits New York beneficiaries is covered in the following areas:

  • SNAP Benefits New York approved foods
  • Using an EBT card
  • Items not covered by SNAP

SNAP Benefits New York Approved Foods

The current SNAP food benefits in New York are meant to provide participants with the means to purchase healthy and nutritious food. The previous New York benefits for food stamps relied on a voucher system. Participants were given food vouchers, commonly referred to as food stamps, which they could exchange for food at whatever grocery stores accepted them. The program has since been refined, with SNAP food benefits in New York focusing on providing healthy food as opposed to generic food, and with participants being able to use EBT cards (like debit cards) instead of vouchers.

The SNAP food benefits in New York are not meant to be overly restrictive, and with benefit card food stamps New York residents who are approved for the program can gain access to several food groups. SNAP-approved foods include the following: cereals, fruits, vegetables, breads, dairy products and different protein products. Some examples of protein products include meat, poultry and fish. Participants can try and extend their SNAP food benefits in New York to purchase some additional items, such as seeds and plants. In order to receive these benefits, participants must be able to prove that they are using these items to grow food that will be used for their household.

Normally, New York benefits for food stamps do not apply toward restaurant food, even if the restaurant is located in the grocery store. An exception is sometimes made for elderly or disabled participants, since they have a harder time preparing food on their own at home. Participants can ask about these specific SNAP food benefits in New York when they are meeting with a SNAP agent during the program interview process.

Using a New York EBT Card

In order to actually use SNAP food benefits in New York, participants need to obtain an EBT card. An EBT card is first made available when the participant is accepted into the SNAP program. Along with receiving the card, participants will meet with a SNAP agent who will go over all the different food stamps benefits New York participants can receive upon their enrollment. The agent will answer any questions regarding what types of food are available through SNAP, as well.

The amount of food stamps benefits New York beneficiaries will receive is determined by the financial situation of the household and the number of members within the household, including children. Participants that are elderly or disabled may also receive additional SNAP food benefits in New York due to their age or disability, respectively. EBT cards are refilled on a monthly basis, and based on your household size, you may receive the following amount:

  • One person: $194
  • Two people: $357
  • Three people: $511
  • Four people: $649
  • Five people: $771
  • Six people: $925
  • Seven people: $1,022
  • Eight people: $1,169
  • Each additional person: $146

Most major grocery chains will accept New York benefits for food stamps, but finding a food retailer may be harder for participants that live in rural areas. To use their benefit card food stamps New York residents in these areas can simply use an online search tool to find the nearest grocery that accepts EBT cards.

Items Not Covered by SNAP in New York

SNAP food benefits in New York will not cover all items in all grocery stores within the state. First of all, participants cannot shop at grocery stores that do not accept EBT cards. Secondly, New York benefits for food stamps will not cover various non-food items, such as medicine and vitamins. Furthermore, prepared foods/meals are not covered by SNAP benefits. Some other examples of exceptions that are not covered by food stamps benefits include some junk foods, alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes. Meanwhile, SNAP food benefits in New York do cover gift baskets if the non-food items do not exceed 50 percent of the total price.