Using the Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (EBT) in Georgia


“How can I use EBT in Georgia?” is a question asked by all Georgia food stamp beneficiaries who are accepted into the program. The Georgia EBT card is an electronic benefit transfer card given to all Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) beneficiaries who receive food stamp credits in the state. It is important for food stamps beneficiaries to understand what an EBT card is in Georgia, how to use Georgia EBT cards and how to monitor their food stamp accounts. Below, review information about Georgia EBT cards in the following topics:

  • What the Georgia EBT Card Is and How It Works
  • How an EBT Card in Georgia Is Credited
  • How to Check a Georgia EBT Card Balance
  • How to Find Venues That Accept EBT Cards in Georgia
  • How to Use the EBT Card While Shopping in Georgia
  • What happens if a Georgia EBT card is damaged or misplaced?
What the Georgia EBT Card Is and How It Works

Applicants wondering, “How  can I use EBT in Georgia and what exactly is it?” should know that the food stamps of the past technically no longer exist. Thanks to Georgia EBT cards, the entire system is now electronic. Each food stamps beneficiary will receive an EBT Card in Georgia mail, which looks and works like a standard debit card or a credit card. The only major difference is that the EBT card can only be used on foods, and they must be foods that are approved under the SNAP program. Also, the card can only be used in places where Georgia EBT cards are accepted.

How an EBT Card in Georgia Is Credited

Once the food stamps beneficiary receives the EBT card in Georgia mail, it will be credited with the appropriate amount of benefits each month. Each beneficiary receives a different amount of food stamps depending on the eligibility requirements met. However, once the food stamps credit amount for a specific beneficiary is established, it will stay the same each month – unless the beneficiary has a change of status in his or her working or living situations.

How to Check a Georgia EBT Card Balance

When each EBT card in Georgia is issued, the beneficiary is given a personal identification number, or PIN. Each beneficiary can use the internet to log in and check his or her Georgia EBT card balance at any time by entering the associated PIN. Food stamp credits may not be put into the EBT account on the same day each month, which makes it important for food stamp beneficiaries to check their balances frequently.

By scanning Georgia EBT cards at checkout, many stores can also tell a food stamps beneficiary the current balance. However, if the credits have not been issued yet, then the groceries cannot be purchased. That can lead to an embarrassing situation for the food stamp beneficiary, which is why checking the balance online ahead of time is a more common practice. Download our guide to read more about how to check a Georgia EBT card balance.

How to Find Venues That Accept EBT Cards in Georgia

Georgia EBT cards are typically accepted by large grocery store chains, but many other stores will also accept them. EBT cards in Georgia are also accepted by farmers markets and some other venues. Food stamp beneficiaries can check with the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), which governs the food stamps program, in order to get a list of places nearby where EBT cards are accepted.

The acceptance of EBT cards in Georgia is often clearly marked by signs displayed in stores that take SNAP program cards. Sometimes, those signs can be found on store windows and doors. Other times, they are displayed by the customer service desks. However, not all stores advertise the fact that they accept EBT cards. Recipients who are unsure should ask in person at the store in question or call the grocery to inquire.

How to Use the EBT Card While Shopping in Georgia

Georgia EBT cards are quite easy to use. All a food stamp recipient has to do is to present his or her EBT card in Georgia when paying for groceries at the cash register. The card can be swiped on the credit card machine just like a normal credit card or a debit card. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the store’s card reader, the cashier can enter in the numbers on the Georgia EBT card manually on the cash register.

Once the EBT card in Georgia is swiped or the numbers are entered, the credits for eligible grocery items will be deducted from the food stamp beneficiary’s account. It is important to note that each food stamp recipient may also have to pay cash for taxes and non-eligible purchases, such as non-food items, hot meals or alcoholic beverages.

What happens if a Georgia EBT card is damaged or misplaced?

“How can I use EBT in Georgia when my card doesn’t work?” is another important question that many SNAP beneficiaries have. There are times when the Georgia EBT card may simply stop working because it is old and worn out, or because it has been exposed to magnets that have damaged its reader strip. In cases such as these, a new EBT card in Georgia can be issued. And, occasionally, a Georgia EBT card may be lost or stolen, and in both of these cases, the card should be replaced immediately. Learn how to request a new EBT card in GA by downloading our free guide.

What Is SNAP in New York?

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Who Can Receive New York Food Stamps?

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